Cool Trick In Photoshop!

Okay, so we’ve all seen the cool uber saturated yet dreamy plugins that have come out for photoshop.  I’ve got a little trick that may make you think twice about ordering up that latest litte nugget from your local plug-in sales person:

1.  Make a copy of your working layer (it should be flattened).

2.  Go to the Filter drop down menu, and select blur, then gaussian blur.

3.  Blure the heck out of this layer, but you want to retain at least a semblance of the original image…it should be very blurry, but you should still see shapes.

4.  Go to the layers menu and click on the layer mode drop down box (the normal default is ‘normal’).

5.  Select Overlay.

From here you should lower the opacity of this layer until you like the effect, and it you like it now, but it is wierd and super saturated, just hit cmd-U  and lower the saturation.

Have fun!

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