The Wiz Character Portraits

After hearing Dance Studio’s ‘The Pointe’ owner, Regina Tate, speak on NPR about her desire to involve the community in their production of Michael Jackson’s ‘The Wiz’ in Greensboro, NC, I quickly contacted her.  I thought, what a better opportunity for me to get involved and in the process create some wonderful images for my portfolio.  The cast didn’t disappoint… we got some great images.

What I did not know is that they had already asked another photographer to shoot the portraits and stage shots of the pageants that the photographer expected to sell to the parents, and he was really stressed that I was there, offerring free images… I don’t blame him… these turned out fantastic…wish I could have stayed for the costume changes!  I do understand his fear though, that the parents would want to purchase my images instead of his… so i quickly skedaddled.  We all have to make a living, and respect eachother’s space.

A lot of customers do not understand the issues that come with hiring a photographer.  It’s hard to explain to anyone, but imagine being a hot dog vendor…you’ve got your corner, and you sell good hot dogs, but then someone comes over, sits down on a stool next to your cart, and begins to sell similar or better hot dogs, only they’re giving them away for free… this was your corner, you worked hard for it, and now all of your clients are going to get free hot dogs.  Thus, hiring a wedding photographer, and then asking Cousin Ned to shoot as well does not sit well professionally any more than bring your own food into a restaurant.

And it’s kind of weird.

but i digress…

It was a good night, and I’m plum tuckered out.

Thanks so much to Regina, and her cast.  I am so pleased with the images we got tonight.

Hope to work more with her school in the future.

If you’re in the area tomorrow, they’ll be having two presentations, one at 2PM, the other at 7PM.  Tickets at the door are $15.00

The website with address is HERE.


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