Girls just wanna have fun…

Chase, Addy, and Jordyn.  Add cool hair and makeup from Allyson Jacobs, and some funky costuming styling by yours truly, and you have what I call ‘Elizabethan Punk’…vaguely reminiscent of Cyndi Lauper, if i do say so myself!

This is what we call our ‘High Fashion Photo shoot’.  2-3 hours, hair and makeup included, and you receive a disc of all the images and rights.  It is so much fun, and adds tons of images to your or your child’s portfolio for modeling, acting, etc.

Book now, because the summer is heating up!!!

3 thoughts on “Girls just wanna have fun…

  1. I just viewed the video on Our State Magazine’s site that featured you and the Sweet Tea shoot! How fun! I lived in Thomasvilee before moving to Sumter, SC, but I’m back in NC now in Advance. I had just became aware of your work from so it was so cool to then see you in the video.

    • Thanks Terry! We are super excited! I have 7 full page images in the August issue, due out next week. I am the featured photographer in that issue, and my bio is the same bio i used for love that shot! LOL, hey, if it works…!

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