They are sisters, mothers, daughters, and even a few grandmothers.  They are students, nannies, finance officers, stay-at-home-moms, and teachers.  But most of all they are friends.  The kind of friends that watch your kids and don’t complain.  The kind of friends that are unaffected by the grossest thing you could ever do, who would defend you even if they thought you were wrong.  Because that’s just what they do.  No questions asked.

I’ve been fortunate enough these past few weeks to really dig in, get into the group, and be so touched by them.

They are the Greensboro Roller Derby.  and Folks, They Are Amazing.

I’ve never even been interested in Roller Derby before, but last night, as I watched the crowds line up around the corner at the High Point Skate South, here in NC, I was blown away by a fan base that had never even seen a bout before.  Last night was the first.  And it was a doozy.

Of course, with a halloween Theme.

Ladies and Gentlemen,


The Greensboro Roller Derby, in their first Public Bout, Fangs vs. Brains.


One thought on “amazing…

  1. Jennifer,
    it has truly been amazing having you along for the ride to document this. We love you and you will forever be a Greensboro Roller Girl!

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