New, New, New…

So I have to start off this post with a preface…  This year, for Christmas, Quinn got the flu…  the coughing, sneezing, fever of 102 kind of flu.  So rather than get everyone sick, or having Quinn miss Christmas with his grandparents, they postponed our Christmas lunch, and instead we waited a week and it just so happened to fall on New Years Day.

So rather than our annual New Years Hike, we were playing at Mimi’s house with our cousins, pretending it was Christmas.

I missed the hike a little, but it was SOOOOO dreary and gray, and thick with fog.  Don’t get me wrong, I love walking in fog.  It reminds me of the Central Valley in California, where I grew up visiting my Grandmother.  Acres and Acres of thick, grey/white fog would settle on the cotton fields and almond orchards, muffling sound and limiting vision.  All at once, fog is a dangerous and beautiful part of nature to me.  My aunt was hurt very badly in a school bus accident back in the ’70s, because of fog and a big 18 wheeler.  I understand the danger of fog, and have spent nights driving home from work with my head stuck out the window of my car, travelling no more than 15 miles an hour, hoping nobody would come up behind me.

Thick, Pea Soup, Delay school kind of fog.

So my walk this year was cut short, but it was peppered with wonderful, just thick enough fog.

The really humid kind that leaves drops of moisture on everything, that hangs in the sky like a heavy sock full of water, until it just can’t hold any more and drips off of branches and fence posts.

So, though this Year’s Hike was cut short, I enjoyed what I had, and this year, that’s what I plan to do.  Enjoy what I have.  Quit wishing for more.  Love the now.

Hope your New Years is full of resolutions that aren’t too lofty to follow through on.  I’m going to make this a great year.


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