You just have to like Meat.


Let me preface this by saying, I am not a huge meat lover.  I mean, i can eat it.  I can’t cook it well, unless we’re talking hamburger helper or tacos, but i get by.  And don’t get me started on chicken, because i could tell you stories…  and yet, i’ve begun a love affair with a little place called Bibs.

Bibs Downtown in Winston Salem, NC  is one of those stories people love to hear about.  Three friends, one an award winning PitMaster in his own right, got together and wanted a place.  You know the kind, the corner joint with great food and plenty of room for your friends to hang out.  Rob Moreau, already a small business owner with an accumen for the business side, is always poking his head around making sure everyone is taken care of.  And then there’s Mark, the meat guy.  With the ponytail and overalls.  One bite of his Pulled Pork eggrolls (yes i said eggrolls…) and you are in meat HEAVEN.  Even me.  The girl who could take it or leave it.  I find myself dreaming about the eggrolls, and the hushpuppies.  OH THE HUSHPUPPIES!

People ask how i like North Carolina, since my state of origin is California.  Well, if this is what North Carolina is about, then i’m all about it.  Ribs, Brisket, Chicken, killer bbq sauce, and an eggroll to knock your socks off…  it warrants a drive from almost anyplace in the state.  Take a ride.  kick your feet up.  Eat some meat.

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